Gottfried, Michael D.

Gottfried, Michael D. Vertebrate Paleontology 
Associate Professor
  Office: 304 MSU Museum / 309 Natural Science 
 Phone: (517) 432-5480 / (517) 355-4635 

Michael Gottfried has been at MSU since 1997, and is currently an Associate Professor of Geological Sciences and Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the MSU Museum. Mike has also served as Director of MSU's Center for Integrative Studies in General Science since 2006. His research focuses on marine fish evolution in high-latitude southern hemisphere settings, the paleobiology of the giant fossil 'megatoothed' sharks, and the evolution and biogeographical relationships of vertebrate faunas from the ancient southern supercontinent of Gondwana. Mike has conducted field expeditions in Madagascar, Tanzania, South Africa, and New Zealand, and at many sites in the USA, in connection with his research. His work on the evolution of giant fossil sharks has led to involvement in several documentary films, including segments on the Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week' programming, and most recently as part of the 'Prehistoric Predators' series on National Geographic Television.

Recent Publications

O'Connor, P.M., J. Sertich, N.J. Stevens, E.M. Roberts, M.D. Gottfried, T. Hieronymus, Z. Jinnah, R. Ridgely, S. Ngasala, and J. Temba. 2010. The evolution of mammal-like crocodyliforms in the Cretaceous Period of Gondwana. Nature 466:748-751.
Whitenack, L. and M.D. Gottfried. 2010. A morphometric approach for addressing tooth-based species delimitation in fossil Mako sharks. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 30:17-25.
Roberts, E.M.. P.M. O'Connor, N.J. Stevens, M.D. Gottfried, Z. Jinnah, S. Ngasala, A. Choh, and R.A. Armstrong. 2010. Sedimentology and depositional environments of the Red Sandstone Group, Rukwa Rift Basin, Tanzania. New insights into Cretaceous and Paleogene terrestrial ecosystems and tectonics in sub-equatorial Africa. Journal of African Earth Sciences (Geological Society of Africa Presidential Review Paper) 57:179-212.
Gottfried, M.D., P.M. O'Connor, E.M. Roberts, N.J. Stevens, and R. Chami. 2009. A new Cretaceous lungfish (Dipnoi, Ceratodontidae) from the Rukwa Rift Basin, Tanzania. African Natural History 5:31-36.


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