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October 2 Distinguished Lecturer
September 28, 2015

Dr. Philipp Heck of the Field Museum of Natural History will be this week's GLG guest lecturer,  Friday,  2 October, speaking on: 

A Catastrophic Asteroid Breakup Recorded in Terrestrial Sediments?  

Warren Wood: Loving Water But Working In The Desert
Warren Wood: Loving Water But Working In The Desert
April 29, 2015

Warren Wood is a visiting professor of hydrogeology in the Department of Geological Sciences. For the past 30 years his research interests have been largely in the hydrogeology of arid areas.

Becoming a hydrogeologist in the early 1960s seemed like a good fit. I loved all things water: sailing, canoeing, swimming, etc.

Dr. Ralph Taggart: Forests of Stone
April 29, 2015

Department of Geological Sciences Seminar
Forests of Stone by Dr. Ralph Taggart
Michigan State University
Professor of Geological Sciences and Plant Biology
Presented on the occasion of his retirement

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